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How To Spot Genuine Signs of Female Attraction

Women can be very confusing at times.  They don’t always give off the vibes that they like you due to fear of rejection, so they give little hints to see if the feeling is mutual.  This gives women an easy way out if they end up getting rejected.  It is extremely important to be able to spot genuine signs that she is into you. So let’s talk about some ways to spot genuine signs of female attraction.

Many people find it quite challenging to figure out whether or not someone likes them.  It is not always easy to know if a girl is actually interested in you but this post will lay out the basics and make things easier.  Sometimes you can’t tell if she is playing games or if she is genuinely interested in you.  Women are mysterious and often send hidden signals when they are into someone or have a crush.  It is extremely important to be able to spot genuine signs that she is into you.

Otherwise, you can become obsessed with wondering if she likes you or not.  And this is not the state of mind that you want to be in when you are interacting with women that may be attracted to you.  Use these tips so that you can start reading her like an open book.

Paying attention to her behavior is crucial to find out if she is truly interested in you.  She may not always come right out and tell you her feelings, but you can observe her actions and her actions will let you know exactly how she is feeling.  When a girl is into you, it’s important to be able to recognize it ASAP!

You will need to take action right away so that you can maximize your chances with her.  When you know a woman is into you, you’ll have the upper hand and can take the lead on things.  This article will teach you exactly what you need to know to identify and connect with the women that like you.

1. Make Future Plans With Her

Invite her on a date about a week or two from now.  If she is willing to wait to hang out with you, this means that she wants to see where things could potentially go.  Make sure that you keep in contact with her leading up to the date.  Let her know that you are excited to see her and how happy you are that she agreed to hang out with you. 

This is often one of the most overlooked signs of female attraction because most of the time, guys want instant results, especially when it comes to attracting a woman. But patience in this scenario can actually work in your favor.

2. Pay Attention to Her Appearance When She is Around You

If she likes you, she will become more self-aware around you.  This is because a lot of things will be running through her mind like if you like her back or if she is acting appropriately. 

She may fidget, play with her hands or seem awkward.  When she likes you, she is aware of herself and constantly wants to look her best for you.  You may notice her freshening up her makeup or hair, and that means that she wants to look her best for you, a great sign.

Her level of responsiveness is a clear indicator as to how much she likes you.  So if you tease her and she laughs or responds in another good way, that means that she is fully engaged.  When this happens you can start leading, and see if she follows along. 

This welcomes you to initiate things into the dynamic like asking her out for a drink, or bringing up a new topic for the two of you to discuss.  You want to make sure that you are leading so that you can observe the way that she responds.  The more responsive she is to you, the more interested she is.

3. Does She Compliment You Back?

Give her compliments and notice if she tries to extend the compliment or if she says thank you and moves on.  If she asks “do you really think so?” or “do you say that to everyone?”, she is looking for confirmation from you.  This is a great opportunity see if she likes you while giving her a few of your kind words. 

You want to come off genuine and you should be! So make sure that you put some thought into your compliments.  The reaction to compliments is a very powerful and can give you great insight.  If she wants to keep the compliment going, then it sounds like you are in luck!.  

4. Overlooking Your Bad Behavior 

There are traits that most women find unattractive so if you notice that she is overlooking your flaws, this is a good sign for you.  If you burp or trip over something and she giggles about it, that is a great sign.  It means that in her eyes, you are very likable.  These things are usually turn offs for women that you just met or are getting to know.  So pay close attention to this one! Speaking of which, make sure you are presenting the best of yourself. Here are some tips to up your dating confidence.

5. How Often Does She Gaze Your Way?

If she likes you she will look at you a lot! So take notice, because her eye is on the prize.  Eye contact is one of the most obvious attraction signs.  If she is looking at you and only you within a group setting then she is totally into you.  Making eye contact means that she is open to you and what you have to say.  People always look at the things that they like so make sure that you look in her direction from time to time.  You might just catch her staring at you, which means that you could have an admirer.  

People pay attention to who they admire the most

-Miami Sexpert

If she is checking you out frequently, this means that she could be interested in you as more than just a friend.  If the two of you are locking eyes over and over again, make sure that you pick up on the hint! This is one of the easiest signs of female attraction to spot.  Especially if she is adding a smile to it, this is an amazing opportunity to make your move.  She probably really likes you if you catch her making longer eye contact with you like staring or gazing.

6. Pay Attention to Her Movements 

When women mimic, it is a form of affection to someone that she is into.  Sometimes we take a person in so intensely, that we mimic them.  If she mimics your movements or actions without even thinking about it, then she really likes you.  Look for signs like her rubbing her arm when you rub your arm or taking a sip of a drink when you do.  Be aware of your behavior and if she is copying you, this can be a sign that she is feeling you.

7. She Gets Everyone Excited To Meet You

A woman will definitely let her inner circle know when there is a guy that she likes in her life.  If she lets you know that she has told close friends or family about you, then things are looking good.  When she lets the important people in her life know about you, it means that she wants you around, and is interested in taking things to the next level.  Whether or not that is your motive, is up to you.

8. She Keeps Messaging You

If she texts you a lot, she probably really likes you.  When she reaches out to you, that means that she is into you and wants more interaction with you.  If she texts you out of the blue, that means that she is thinking about you.  And if she texts you constantly and even initiates conversation, this is a total giveaway that she likes you. And if this is happening, you want to make sure you are on your texting game. Here are some of the best ways to seduce a woman by text message.

9. She Makes Flirtatious Physical Contact With You

This could be caressing your arm or touching your shoulder.  When she touches you, she may be interested in the next stage.  Touching means that she is interested and attracted to you.  If she likes you, she will find any excuse to reach over and gently put her hand on your hand or put her head on your shoulder.  The more that she touches you, the safer it is to assume that she is into you.  This is also a great time to get close and whisper some sweet words to her. 

10. Pay Attention to The Questions She Asks You

If she asks you about childhood memories or lifelong goals, she definitely wants to get to know you better.  She also may be trying to see if the two of you are a good match.  If a girl is asking you thoughtful questions that is a very good sign.  It means that she is interested in what you have to say.  No woman will ask about your well being unless they are genuinely interested in you.  If you are getting these types of questions, this is a green light to move in on your crush.  If she takes the questions beyond surface level, you’re golden.

11. You Make Her Giggle and Laugh

If she always finds a reason to smile around you, she could have a huge crush on you.  A girl that always finds your jokes funny and the conversation interesting might like you.  When the two of you share moments of laughter, this is the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level.  If she appears to be relaxed and laughing, then you can assume that she likes you and is happy in your presence.

12. She Will Tell You A Lot About Herself

When women are open about their life experiences, it means they feel safe with you and trust you.  It means that she is seeking your validation and approval.  You may find her telling you things about herself that fits in with your own standards.  This is also a great chance for you to step up, and start asking about her.  Ask her what she likes to do for fun, and how her relationship with her family is.  Get to know her!

Now You Should Be Able To Tell For Sure

All of these signs will give you the reassurance that she is into you.  Picking up on these signs will give you clear indications on whether or not she is into you. It is also equally important to know when a woman is not interested, to save yourself time and embarrassment from chasing the wrong women.

So now you know exactly what to look for and should have more confidence to get flirty and go on a few dates.  This is exactly how to decode the behaviors of women when they like you.  When you see signs that a woman is attracted to you, get ready to flirt with her more.  If you are picking up on these signals then it’s time to make your move!

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