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How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time Face To Face

If you have been wondering what to say when meeting a girl for the first time, you’re in the right place.  Talking to a girl for the first time face to face can be intimidating and nerve racking if you’re not used to it.

However, with a little bit of practice, a positive attitude and some swagger, you’ll be on your way in no time.  Now, if you’ve never met her before, then first impressions are everything.  If you already know her, then you are going to need to make her either notice you more or feel differently about you.  

This is where confidence and positivity are going to be your best friend. It can be really hard to talk to girls, especially if you are shy.  But just like any other skill or talent, it can take practice and the only way to get the experience is to go for it.  

1. Make Eye Contact    

First and foremost, be sure to look her in the eye when walking over to her.  This is your first step in showing her your level of confidence.  If you walk over, head down and looking to the floor and start mumbling, then you will almost surely be rejected.  Don’t do this!

Instead, walk over to her, politely say hello, and introduce yourself.  Ask her name and immediately make your intentions clear.  If you already know her, say hi and use her name.  Try to use her name a few times when speaking to her, so she realizes that you are into her.

2. Show Your Personality

You want to really be yourself, because if you try to put on a front, and be someone you’re not, it will almost certainly backfire later on.  Ask about her first, show her that you are interested.  Once you get past the initial ice breaker, you need to try and learn a thing or two about her.  This will show her you care, and that you have a romantic interest in her.  

Knowing what to say after meeting a girl for the first time doesn’t have to be hard.  Use your environment and where you are meeting her to start up the conversation.  

For example, if you first meet her at a coffee shop, start by telling her what your favorite drink is there and ask what hers is.  If you meet her at the local park, tell her how long you’ve been coming there and what you like about it.  Starting the conversation doesn’t have to be rocket science.  But what it does have to be is engaging, and that leads me to my next point.  

3. Smile a Lot!

There is not better way to convey happiness and confidence to a girl like a genuine smile and a look of happiness on your face.  This will make her feel comfortable and make her want to mirror your positive energy and give a smile back.  Now, you are practically flirting!

Just make sure not to over do it on this one.  If you are smiling like the joker or looking too creepy, it will probably turn her off and you will blow it.  Just have a natural smile, like someone just gave you a $100 bill.

4. Play It Cool

Try to catch her off guard.  If you approach when she is least expecting it, it will come off as more authentic and she won’t have enough time to just reject you without giving you a chance.  This is a much better approach than staring at her from across the room for half an hour, keep looking away and then finally walk over to her when she is looking right at you.

Show her you are not afraid to flirt with her, relax and don’t take the situation too seriously.  Ultimately, if your first attempt does not work out, there are plenty of other girls you will be able to talk to and practice makes perfect. Not saying you should give up on ever girl after one try, but know when enough is enough.

And, if you are really nervous and it is obvious, then be honest about it and that will make you look so much cooler in her eyes.

5. Be Polite to Her

Never, ever insult a girl or come off as rude. This is a sure way to lose any interest she may have had in you, and you will quickly find yourself alone from being a dick.  Be nice, and treat her like you want nothing but to please her.  Treat her with the utmost respect, period.

6.  Look Your Best

Now, this one will only apply if you are anticipating meeting someone, but it probably won’t work if you just got done playing a game of 3 on 3 with your friends.  Looks are definitely not the most important quality of a man for a woman, but good looks will work in your favor.  Not everyone can look like Brad Pitt, but if you are trying to meet someone, make sure to look as best as you can for you.  

7.  Compliment Her

Everyone loves being complimented, not just women!  Think about how it would make you feel if she walked over to you instead and said, “Hey, I love what you did with your hair today, you look so handsome!”  I can guarantee you would be floored and would want to give her every ounce of your attention.

You need to do the same thing to her, especially when talking to her for the first time. You already know that you need to make a great first impression, and what better way to do that than just flattering her?  Compliment her looks, and make her feel beautiful.

8. Transition To a More Common Conversation

How is her day going?  What does she like to do for fun?  Once you have made good initial contact, you can get more into a more casual conversation with her about her interests and hobbies.  Find out if she has pets, (all women love their dogs/cats!), ask her what kind of music she is into.  Find out which restaurant is her favorite in the area ( a great way to pick the first date spot).

9.  Be Genuine   

If you come across as someone that seems like a pickup artist and is just trying to get her in the sack for the night, she will know right away.  I know that the intention is to get with her, and eventually have sex, but that should no be the goal when you first meet.  

Really, if you are not interested in her after talking to her for 10 minutes or so, it’s better if the relationship never goes any further than that.  I don’t care how beautiful she is or what you initially saw in her.  If you are bored after just meeting her, then move on and try again with another girl that might seem more interesting to you.

10.  Don’t Try To Impress Her

The fact that you already had the balls to approach her, give her a nice complement and carry a fun conversation will be all the impressing you need to do.  Anything beyond that will come across as showboating and can be a turn off for some girls.  

I know in the movies, they always show all these incredibly romantic acts of grandeur, but this is real life.  If you made it this far, you have already impressed her enough.

11.  Make Her Laugh

Laughter is the bridge to every gap in the human world.  If you are able to say something witty or funny about the place you are at or the situation, this will score you massive brownie points!  Girls love it when guys can make them laugh.  It is one of the most attractive attributes a guy can have!

12.  Make Sure She Knows You Are Attracted To Her

By now, you have probably made that clear, but just in case you haven’t.  Make sure you tell her how pretty or beautiful you think she is, and that you want to take her out sometime.  This way, there will be no confusion over whether or not you are looking for just a friend.  She needs to know that you think she is hot, and want her to be yours!


Talking to a girl in person is by far the best way to go.  With all of the technology we have today, it can be very tempting to ask out girls online, but that take way less skill and confidence and girls know that.

If you ask her out in person, you just set yourself apart from over 90% of the other guys, and setting yourself apart is how you get attention, get noticed and get the girl!

Next time you see a girl you like, take action!