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Signs A Woman Is Not Interested

No one in this world likes the idea of facing rejection, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.  Unfortunately, you will most likely have to face rejection if you want any chance at all in scoring a date with that hot neighbor girl or that chick at the gym.  You need to pay attention to the signs a woman is not interested.  By knowing what to look for, you will know when you should pursue her or just cut your losses and move on.

Can’t I Make Her Like Me?

There is really no right answer here but probably not.  Once you read through the signs below, it will become more apparent if you will be able to make her like you or not.  This article is meant to be a guide for you to determine her level of interest if any. 

You have to remember, that women have WAY MORE dating and sexual opportunities than men ever will.  She is going to be picky about who she interested in. 

There is always a woman in every man’s life that he feels like he just has to have.  But make peace with the fact it might not happen.  It is wonderful have determination, but if she does any of these things or a combination of them, then watch out! 

She Always Backs Away When You Try To Get Close

To her, this is the same as saying “get the hell away from me!”  But, a surprisingly high number of guys have a hard to getting the hint with this one.  The last thing you want to do if you like a girl, is to make her think of you as too aggressive or a creep.  If she keeps turning away when you try to get close, take it as a hint to back off….for now.  This isn’t to say you can never try again, (depending on the setting).

She Leaves You in The Middle of a Date

I know if you are out with a woman, you feel like half the battle is already won, and rightfully so.  But, if she sudden comes up with an “emergency” and needs to take off in the middle of your date, maybe she just feels like it’s going nowhere.  Of course, there is a possibility that a legitimate emergency did come up, but you can probably find this out later on, which brings me to my next point.

She Doesn’t Answer Your Phone Calls Or Text Messages

Whatever you do, don’t keep texting and calling!  This goes for anyone really, its just fucking annoying!  With that being said, if you called her yesterday, got the voicemail and sent her a text today, and it’s radio silence, then it’s probably not going to work out.  Don’t take this one too personally though.  She probably doesn’t have the guts to face you and just tell you she’s not into you.  So her way of dealing with it is to simply ignore you and hope you lose interest.

She Constantly Blows You Off!

Obviously I’m not talking about blow jobs here.  Hell if I was, we wouldn’t be having this conversation !  What I mean here is that if you are always asking her out or trying to make plans with her, and she always has “something else going on” that night, move on.  If she was really into you, she would definitely make spending ANY time with you a priority and jump at the at every chance she got to see you. 

No Enthusiasm When You See Her

When a woman likes a man, her face and eyes light up like a Christmas tree in his presence.  If you are getting any less of a reaction than this, things aren’t looking too good for you my friend.  This is especially true if she is a woman who you have recently met, or asked out.  Things in any relationship are always the most exciting in the beginning

She is Always Checking Her Phone

This point kind of relates to the last one.  I realize that cell phones are completely intertwined with everyone’s life these days, but when a woman is truly interested, she will make an effort to give you her attention.  If she doesn’t she either is not into you, or she might even be so addicted to her phone, that she wouldn’t give any man attention.  If that is the case, then it is her problem, and she really needs to get a grip with reality.  Otherwise, she will be missing out on a good guy like you, and have a long and happy life with her phone…

You Haven’t Met Any of Her Friends or Family

It is common in a new relationship for man or a woman to hold off on introducing their new partner to their friends and family.  After all, if it’s too soon to know if things are going to work out, why go through the effort. 

But if you have been with her for more than a couple of months, and still no introductions, she may be having second guesses about you.  In this situation, you should bring it up one day in your conversations to see if there is a legitimate reason.  If it sounds like a bunch of BS, she might be losing interest in you. 

She Never Asks You Out

An important thing to point out here is this one only applies if you already know the woman and have some sort of “relationship”.  If you are not with the woman or have not asked her out yet, then feel free to move on to the next point.  But say you are dating a woman and you are always the one suggesting a new date or place to go. 

She never calls or text you and just says “hey, are you free Saturday?  How about we go to that new restaurant that just opened?”  This is a red flag.  You already are passed the first date stage, and if she wanted to see you more, she would be asking you out.  Always remember that all relationships are a two way street.

She Never Asks About You

Since all relationships are a two way street, it would only make sense for you and your partner to be curious about each others wants, needs, curiosities, past, and all things that make you who you are.  When you find yourself always asking about her, always getting to know her, but never get any of these questions in return, she is either extremely self centered, or more likely just not that into you.

Always Seems Like She Has Something Better To Do

When you guys are together and she always seems bored or uninterested in general in what you are doing together, she probably has something else on her mind other than you.  It is totally normal for everyone to space out a little here or there.  But if this happens practically every time you see her or do something together, take it as a hint. 

She Won’t Touch You

This goes from everything to kissing, holding hands, hugging and of course sex.  The lack of physical contact should be one the first and easiest signs a woman is not interested.  If you literally JUST MET and she wants to take it slow, that is OK.  However, if you are on date number 3 or beyond and not even a kiss or holding hands is on the menu, she probably just hasn’t found a way to tell you to piss off yet. 

You’re In The “Friends Zone”

The friends zone is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to get out of.  Mainly because she has already made up her mind about you.  Unless you are able to change her view of you, you will probably always be stuck here and might as well just move on.  There are ways you might be able to get out of the friends zone, but don’t count on it. 

You Have a Hard Time Making Her Laugh

Laughter can be one of the quickest and fastest way to any woman’s heart.  If you don’t have the mojo in this department, it can easily be a deal breaker for her.  Woman love when a man is funny and interesting.  This can be a good opportunity to learn something about yourself though.  If you find this happens with all women, then it’s you, not them. 

Maybe you are just not that interesting or have anything funny to say.  Best thing to do here is start having more life experiences.  Watch more funny movies.  Watch stand-up comedy.  Take a vacation, by yourself!  Just by doing these simple activities, you can improve your fun factor with the ladies. 

Defensive Body Language

She always has her arms crossed when you talk to each other.  She looks away a lot and rarely or ever looks you in the eye.  These are big hints that you might be missing.  Sometimes we can forget to pay attention to this because the clues can be very subtle.  But next time you are with her or asking her out, pay attention to what she is doing.  If it looks like she isn’t interested, then she probably isn’t. 

She Flat Out Tells You

There isn’t really a much bigger hint than this one.  And honestly if this happens, don’t beat yourself up about it.  In fact, take it as a blessing!  It is way better for her to just say that she doesn’t like you, than for you to have to decipher all her little games and hints.  Much less work for you this way…

She Says She Has a Boyfriend

Whether this is actually true or not is not the point!  If she tells you this, then it either is true or it’s just her way of telling you to leave her alone.  Most women do not like confrontation, and for them this is an easy way to let you down without making her feel too awkward. 

What Should You Do Now?

After facing all these creative ways of being rejected, it’s pretty easy to feel defeated.  The main thing is to not give up.  I don’t mean keep bothering the same girl and asking the same girl out.  That is NOT WHAT I AM SAYING! 

What I mean is don’t take any of these rejections personally.  There are SO MANY women out there!  Hell, once you are actually with one, you probably will still be interested in other women too!  That is just the way us guys are wired. 

Everyone is not going to be attracted to everyone.  Certain women like certain type of men and certain men like certain type of women.  That is just NORMAL!

What you have to do is go after the women that you think you might have the best chance with.  There is no way to know for sure which women are going to like you.  But you can improve your odds by trying to find a woman that has the same interests as you.  If you are a golfer, look for a woman at the golf course.  I you are into cars, look for her at car shows and exhibitions. 

Having a common interest of any kind is going to be your best bet at making an initial connection.  Just going up to random women on the street is probably not a good idea, and you will look DESPERATE! 

Have Some Patience

I know when you are single and you want to be with a woman, it can feel like a lifetime waiting for that special someone to come along.  But it is almost always worth it to take the extra time to find a woman that you can connect with.  All too often men marry or stay with a women because that feel like, that’s the best they can do.  But deep down, they often are not happy and sometimes even regret their decision.  This leads to divorce and all kinds of problems.  Don’t be that guy. 

Use all of these tips and tricks here to your advantage.  The sooner you can DISQUALIFY a woman as a potential match the better.  Life is short enough.  Better not to waste time with women that don’t give a damn about you.  We all deserve someone that truly cares about us.