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How To Tell If a Guy Likes You At Work

Figuring out if a guy likes you can be difficult in general, but especially at work.  So how to tell if a guy likes you at work? If you are thinking that your coworker may be attracted to you and you want to find out for sure, there are a few important steps to take.

Figuring out if a  guy is into you at work is not an exact sciences, but here are some things you can look for and try to see if he is up for the next level of flirting. If you think that a guy at work may be into you, it can be fun to explore this. Guys can show clear signs that they like you in any situation, but when it comes to the workplace, they want to maintain a level of professionalism.

Workplace Vibes

The work environment is very different when it comes to picking up flirtatious vibes, but some of the best relationships were built right inside the office. You can meet really amazing people at work and add some excitement to your work life.

We spend so much time at work and working, so people that work together are bound to become attracted to one another. The workplace can be a solid foundation for building relationships with wonderful people. Friendly banter and flirtation is fun and totally appropriate for work if done in the right way.

You will want to make sure that you are flirting with the intention of making a connection so that you can find out if someone has a crush on you. This involves teasing, being playful and sharing personal information that isn’t work-related. This will elevate things beyond surface level conversation so that you can figure out if he likes you or not.

Learn The Signs

You need to know and familiarize yourself with the signs that indicate that a guy at work adores you. If you are consistently receiving complimentary gifts like coffee, snacks or lunch, then that someone is definitely trying to impress you!  This means that he is trying to get you to think of him whenever you receive these gifts.

Are You Single?

A relationship status inquiry is also a clear indicator that a guy wants you. If you get questions like “Is your boyfriend ok with you working this late?” or if he flat out asks if you are single, then you probably have an admirer on your hands.  Sometimes, even if both people are already in relationships, if you find him talking to you a lot about his girlfriend / or wife, this can also be a sign that he likes. 

Word of caution here!  Be prepared for the possible consequences if you also in a relationship, but you partake in the relationship talk.  You may be surprised where things can end up later down the road…  You may have been on both sides of this equation at some point.  This can be one of the many reasons a guy would leave his current relationship, in pursuit of another one.

Excessive Conversation

If a guy spends more time talking to you than anyone else at work, then he might really like you. Frequently swinging by your desk or workstation just to chat.  This could mean that he likes you and is interested in something more.

Giving Or Asking For Help Regularly

It is human nature to do what you can to help people that you like.  So if you are getting help at work, it may be coming from someone that likes you. Whether you are staying late at work or don’t know how to complete a task. If you notice that a guy is helping you more than what is required of him at work,  you can probably take this as a signal that he may like you.

On the other hand, if someone is always trying to get help from you specifically when there are others that can assist, it may be because they are attracted to you.

He Takes Every Chance To See You Outside of Work He Can Get!

When a guy likes you at work, he will make up any and every excuse to spend more time with you. Work-related social hours are great for getting to know your coworkers. Between holiday parties, happy hours and baby showers the events are endless. A guy that likes you will go out of his way to make sure that he invites you along to these types of things.

Staring and Frequent Run-Ins

You are sure to run into your coworkers from time to time. Then there are times when you keep running into the same person all of the time. If this is happening to you, this is most likely not a coincidence, and this person is trying to get you to notice them. If he stares at you at work, this is a dead giveaway that he likes you. And this is a very good thing, if a guy likes you he shouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you!  Just make sure you are able to distinguish between a healthy stare and a creepy one.  If he continues to stare with no smile, and looks kinda sinister, that is a whole other ballgame!

He’s Always Trying To Get Close To You

There are definitely some other subtle signs to look out for that will let you know if a guy likes you at work. These signs are not as obvious, so you need to pay close attention in order to pick up on things. You’ll want to be aware of physical distance. A guy that likes you will conveniently position himself next to you in meetings or at lunches.

If he goes out of his way to be near you in situations where he may be able to come up and talk to you, then he might like you. When a guy likes you he will always be looking for an open opportunity to interact with you. Sometimes he may be shy or hesitant to just come up to you and start a conversation. So, he might place himself within close proximity to you so that you can initiate and start talking to him instead.  I know some women want the man to make the first move, but if you notice this happening often, you might want to be the first one to say hello or break the ice (if you’re into him too that is).

Body Language

Body language is also huge for picking up on whether or not a guy likes you. Someone who likes you will subconsciously mirror some of the things that you do. If you smile, he may smile back or if you fold your arms, he may do the same as well. People also tend to act a bit different around those that they like in the beginning. If you notice some nervousness, shifting of the eyes or looking down, this person could be really into you!

If you like him back, you should do your best to ease the tension by telling a joke or giving a compliment. That way you can get him to relax and open up about who he is as a person. Make sure that you observe what he does when the two of you are near or close to one another. If he looks at you and smiles, then he may like you but if he looks at you up and down, from head to toe, then he definitely likes you! If you notice that he does this more than a few times, then he is surely attracted to you.

Some people are not as comfortable revealing or exploring whether or not they like someone at work. Make sure that you keep an ongoing list of flirtatious one-liners that are work friendly so that you can break the ice and find out who likes you.

Friendly Gestures and Mutual Flirtation

A great ice-breaker for the office is to simply ask to get coffee. Just say “Hey, I’m going to get coffee, would you like anything? This is a foolproof way to start a conversation with someone in the office that you may not know yet. If they accept your offer, this is the perfect opportunity to send a flirtatious signal back by saying “ok, you’ve got the next one!”

This lets the other person know that you’ll be around, and are open to receiving something back from them. You may run into a guy that is crushing on you at work in different places like the break room, elevator or conference room. During these times when you randomly run into each other you can say “Hey, do you come here often?” Obviously you both visit these places often so this is a funny joke to get the person to let their guard down.

Put Him To The Test

If you really want to get in good and get to know if a guy likes you at work, invite him to happy hour. Organize a small get together with your coworkers and if the lucky guy accepts your invite, then he may be interested in you. With both of you attending a social gathering, this gives you the perfect opportunity to get a little closer and see if he really likes you. People always open up more when they are outside of work, so a happy hour setting couldn’t be better.

Once you are at happy hour and the drinks are flowing, this is the time to lay it on thick and confirm whether or not he is into you. Drop some sexy banter by saying “Good thing we are coworkers or else we would get into a lot of trouble together.” If you say this to someone that does indeed like you, then they will definitely like you a lot more after this.

Also, being outside of the office allows you to engage in more flirty behavior like touching and maybe even some stronger eye contact. Hanging out outside of work will give you the opportunity to talk about something other than work. If the guy is receptive to your flirty lines then he probably likes you.

Keep Things Cool and Casual

Crushing can bring tons of fun and excitement to the workplace. Casual and lighthearted conversation is best when it comes to finding out whether or not a guy likes you. You should keep things fresh and playful when interacting with your potential work fling. The office should be fun and you should not have to shut down that playful side of you. If things go well, you will have a new friend at work and who knows what else the future will bring 🙂

Photo by sergio souza on Unsplash