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How To Get a Woman in The Mood Fast

I’m sure just like me, you have heard all the excuses!I am tired”, “I have a headache”,or “not tonight honey”.  The truth is, it’s really not that hard to put her in the mood and change your mentality with a few short moves.  Let’s take a look at some ways on how to get a woman in the mood fast!

Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t expect just by you saying “hey babe wanna do it?” is going to help you here. Trust me it won’t! I know we said we were going to do this quickly but it will pay dividends to take a step back, and take the extra 5 to 10 minutes and really get her warmed up. By the time you’re finished, she’ll be so hot and bothered it won’t take any further convincing.

Some Physical Signs of Female Arousal

First you want to make sure she is going to be receptive to your advances and you can tell when she is turned on by you.  There are some easy ways to tell if she is open to “being put in the mood.”  First, if she is acting like she wants you, then she probably does.

Take this as a sign that she will be ready to go if you press the right buttons.  Next, once you begin foreplay, pay attention to these subtle clues that will indicate her level of arousal.

  • Heavy Breathing
  • Engorged Vulva / Clitoris
  • Blushing on her face, neck or chest
  • Hard or Engorged Nipples
  • Wet / Moist Vagina
  • Moaning

Start With Some Subtle Ways To Turn Her On

A great way to get her in the mood fast is to turn her on without her even realizing it. You might even want to try getting her in the mood before she even gets home! This way she will be all warmed up for you before you even see her.  This sounds harder than it really is, and these things will probably come more naturally to some guys than others.  Here are some simple things to try.

  1. Get close to her, and rub her shoulders.
  2. Talk about something sexy
  3. Look her in the eye, and tell her you love her
  4. Brush her hair back behind her ears

These are just a few, and very simple ways to make a subtle move.  Here is a list of even more ways if you really want to get into it.

Where to Touch a Girl To Get Her in the Mood

Before we get into all of the ways to turn her on fast, it is good to know how and where to touch her BEFORE you make it that far. Instead of me trying to explain it, I’ll let this beautiful woman tell you how it’s done.

Make Her Feel Special

Depending on how well you know your partner or how long you’ve been together this one will either be easy or a little bit tougher for you.  Do something for her that you normally don’t do on a daily basis.  If you want morning sex, bring her breakfast in bed.  Do you want middle of the day sex, clean the house for her or do one of her chores that you normally do not do to help take a load off of her mind. 

Helping with the household stuff can really go a long way.  Not only are you taking one more thing off her to do list, you are showing her that you care, and that is one of the biggest turn ons of all!

Do Something Fun Together

Today’s your day off together.  Instead of just sitting on the couch and waiting for the magic to happen, take her to do something you know she will enjoy. If she’s into outdoor activities, go for a walk or a bike ride or skate together. She likes movies?  Take her to see a new movie in the theaters instead of the same old Netflix and chill at home.  Anything really that can break away from the daily routine that you know she will enjoy, will definitely help to get her in the mood fast.

Kiss Her!

This will be one of the fastest ways to get her in the mood.  It might sound pretty obvious, but just kiss her!  I’m not talking about giving her a big slobbery one on the lips. Start by caressing her neck and her ears.  Then start with some sensual light kisses around her neck and then her lips. 

Make sure your breath is on check, and then go in for the tongue.  You can also start kissing her inner thigh and near her crotch.  This is where you want to touch her to get her in the mood.  You basically are starting at the top, and moving towards the bottom.

Talk Dirty To Her

How you go about this largely will depend on your comfort level in your relationship.  If you are used to vulgar talk, then by all means tell her how much you want to FUCK her!  If you’re not quite there yet, tone it down a little bit and say something sexy to her like “I would love to see you naked right now.”  Or “I’ve been thinking about you all day.” 

Talking dirty will really help push the envelope in your favor here. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it’s best to use this in combination with some of these other methods.  Pro tip here: if you will use dirty talk in your seduction method, make sure to start this one ASAP! Do not wait until it’s time to go to bed and start talking dirty. Chances are it will not work!

Watch A Chick Flick

Now this one is really taking one for the team here as I really hate these movies too!  But for some reason, women love these movies and that just can’t be ignored.  Seeing others fall in love or do romantic things together can really help set the mood for her.  You’re basically helping to put her in a mindset and preparing her for your seduction assault. This one might especially work if your woman is older than you.

Ease The Tension

These days, there is no question that your woman works just as hard as you do and maybe even harder!  We all have to deal with stress at work in some form or another. She may even be getting picked up on at work!  When she gets home from work, start to pamper her. You can give her a short massage on the shoulders.  Pour her her favorite drink and offer to cook her favorite meal. Better yet, don’t offer, just do it!

The important thing here is to let her relax!  Don’t just go after her the moment she walks through the door, expect her to takeoff her clothes and jump on you. She is a human too and she needs time to unwind from the day. You do this one, you will almost certainly be getting some tonight 😉

Go Down on Her

Going down on her is a great way to get her ready to fuck. However, you might want to try a few of the methods above before jumping straight into this one.  Once you notice she is getting turned on, then go for it.  Assuming you do this part right, you should have no problem taking it to the finish line.

What Next?

Now that we have covered how to get a woman in the mood fast, the next thing is the performance! So now that she is ready for you, you better make sure you can follow through and really give her some pleasure. For more tips on how to give her an orgasm, I suggest reading this article here.   

One of the main takeaways here should be to start doing all of these things on the regular.  Not too regularly, or she might start taking them for granted.  But you want to create passion that lasts.  You want to make sure that you know how to set the mood for her.  This is a great opportunity also, to get to know your woman better.  Find out what she likes, what turns her on.  Before you know it, you will be a Sexpert!