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Foods That Make You More Sexually Active

One of the best ways to boost your libido, sex drive and performance in the bedroom is to eat foods that make you more sexually active.  Truthfully, any foods that are healthy for you will be good to add to your diet in this case, but there are foods in particular that can give you an edge with your sexual performance.    

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefits to the the foods we will mention here will mainly be the fact that they all help support a healthy immune system, digestive system, and keep blood flowing to all the right places.  

In order to be more sexually active, your body needs to be in its optimal operating condition.  Meaning, if you are always eating junk food and have not incorporated these foods into your diet, it can really make your performance suffer.  Not only will performance suffer, but so will your libido and overall health.


Avocados are rich with nutrients and vitamins.  Most notably, heart healthy monounsaturated fats.  Avocados are the full of fat, but it is “the right kind of fat” that lead to increased blood flow, lower cholesterol levels.  With the extra blood flow, it will make it easier for a guy to get it up and will make sex more pleasurable for women.

Seeds and Nuts

Really all seeds and nuts are healthy for you in moderation.  But the ones that stand out are walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds.  These nuts and seeds are an excellent source of zinc, which is known to increase testosterone production in men and women and lead to more sex.


Garlic is a great choice because it can be added to just about any dish.  It is full of flavor and acts as a natural blood thinner, which leads to more blood flow downstairs.  More blood flow = more desire, and better performance.


Eggs have gotten a pretty bad wrap in the past due to their high cholesterol levels, but those myths have long since been debunked.  Eggs have a L-arginine in them, which is an amino acid that can help men with getting and maintaining erections for longer.


Steak is rich in iron and zinc which support healthy testosterone levels.  It also contains B vitamins that give your body energy and fuel.  Steak is full of protein which helps support strong muscles that you will need to be more sexually active.


Not only will watermelon hydrate your body, which is great for keeping all of your internals “lubed up” but it also contains a compound called Citrulline.  Citrulline helps your blood vessels relax and dilate which improves overall blood flow.

Wild Salmon

The important part here is “Wild” and not “Farmed”.  When salmon are farmed, they are often fed an unnatural diet and are raised in less than optimal living conditions.  This translates to salmon meat that is not very healthy.  Wild salmon get their diets naturally from the ocean, and therefore are much richer in omega 3 fatty acids that promote nitric oxide production.  Nitric Oxide also relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation.

Red Wine

There are so many benefits to drinking red wine.  It tastes fantastic, it loosens you up and puts you in a great mood and is heart healthy.  And you may have guessed it, as it is a common theme here, it increases blood flow!  We can say enough how important it is to have healthy blood flow.  Red wine is also associated with sex in so many ways.  When you watch a romantic movie, almost always there is red wine involved.  It is a classic food that will always lead to more sex, just make sure to keep it to one bottle so performance doesn’t go down the tube.  

Dark Chocolate

This one really goes hand in hand with the red wine above.  They are both associated with romance and sex and for good reason.  Not only does dark chocolate boost endorphins and your overall sense of well being, it is also delicious when eaten and sipped together with red wine.

Leafy Greens

We’re talking spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula and kale.  These super foods are great for your health in so many ways, but the most notable way is you guessed it, increasing blood flow for harder erections and increased sensation in the clitoris.


There are plenty of healthy foods you can be eating that will make you more sexually active.  But these  are some of the most common ones that are not only delicious, but will boost your sex drive and stamina.  

An important thing to remember is that, health is something you must work at.  It does not come over night!  You can’t just go and eat a bunch of these foods mentioned here in one day, and expect to notice a difference.  That’s not what we’re saying.  What we’re saying is you need to be eating these foods regularly, daily if possible in order to notice them making you more sexually active.

I am not suggesting that you go on a diet.  What I would like to suggest is to start incorporating one of these foods into your diet every day.  Then, before you know it, you will have started eating all of them.  At the same time, when you add a new food to your diet, try replacing an old food that you know is not as healthy.

By doing this, you are phasing out the old unhealthy food with new exciting and sexually enhancing foods that will have a tremendous benefit on your overall health and especially your libido.  If you have any other foods that you have noticed that have helped you be more sexually active, leave them in the comments below.