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Essential Oils For Attracting Love

Essential oils for attracting love are fragrances that can affect our emotional state of mind. Our sense of smell is associated with the brain’s limbic lobe. The limbic lobe serves as a tool to activate the hypothalamus. Being a hormone regulator, the hypothalamus acts as a control center in the body. Apart from the healthy production of hormones and energy levels, it also stimulates and regulates sex drive.

This suggests that a certain smell can turn you on or attract others for a soothing relationship or attractive love. So, if you are planning to have a romantic time and are looking for some essential oils for attracting love, then this article is for you!

Besides the aromatherapy, essential oils may also help you develop an urge for sex and retain it for a longer period of time. To give you an idea, as for how to incorporate these oils into your life.

Here are 5 Essential Oils for Attracting Love


Rose is sometimes referred to as the ‘Queen of Flowers’.  Roses are THE most common flowers associated with romance. This enchanting, sweet and strong fragrance kicks off your romantic senses. In addition, rose essential oil is renowned for balancing the hormones linked with the female reproductive system. For centuries, this oil has been used to intensify sex drive, treat dry/dull skin and prevent aging.

In aromatherapy, the rose oil is considered as a classic heart-opening essential oil. It promotes hormone growth and controls your emotions delicately. However, roses contain nominal essential oil content; hence it is quite difficult to reproduce this oil synthetically. This makes it one of the most precious essential oils.

The recommended application procedure includes placing a few drops on the palm of your hand and then applying gently on your skin in a clockwise direction. After that, inhale 3 to 4 breaths slowly to let the aroma be absorbed into your senses.

You can also wear rose essential oil as a regular perfume by applying it on your wrist.  Combining it with other essentials oils like sandalwood or jasmine is a great option to attract love and romance.

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Sandalwood is a highly prized wood, usually used for meditation or spiritual ceremonies. Its essential oil is beneficial in numerous ways. Being a recommended perfume for men, its exotic smell helps to attract love and brighten the senses. Moreover, the rich, woody and sweet aroma of Sandalwood gives an erotic, enticing, and soothing feel.

This essential oil is commonly used for skin-care due to its moisturizing properties. If you aren’t too keen on floral fragrances, sandalwood may act as a perfect heart-opening essential oil for you.

Aside from the grounding and healing powers of Sandalwood, it is also believed to enhance sensuality. It is highly effective when there is a disagreement between you and your love.  Next time you find yourself in an argument with your partner, try rubbing some of this on your skin or put some in your oil diffuser.  The results may surprise you.

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The floral fragrance of Jasmine is exotic, warm and soothing.  Jasmine has a history of being used for attraction and romance.  There is no doubt regarding its effectiveness. It assists to create a balance for the feminine energy, and for years, Jasmine essential oil has been widely used during childbirth.

Apart from its pleasant scent, this oil is known for boosting sensuality and passion for lovemaking. Indeed, it is commonly referred to as the “The oil of Sexual Purity and Balance”. It’s fragrance and essential ingredients nurtures sexual health and aids to balance sexual forces. Jasmine arouses dormant passions, and offers intimate experiences with a high degree of positivity and satisfaction.

The composition of this oil is identical to that of our sweat; hence, it quickly absorbs into the skin. Its aroma takes you to a world of tranquility while soothing your senses after a hectic day.  Important note: Jasmine is highly concentrated potent blend and should never be ingested!  Nevertheless, it is completely safe for inhalation. You can easily blend this oil with Sandalwood, ylang ylang, and rose for optimum results.

In fact, this is the fragrance that you should consider wearing prior to engaging someone whom you fancy. So apply a few drops on your skin for a strong sensual feel that is hard to resist.

Lady Sclareol

Known as the “The Great Intoxicator”, Lady Sclareol is a perfect blend of some of the most aromatic and exotic essential oils including jasmine, geranium, ylang ylang, rosewood, clary sage, sandalwood and more.  This is a fabulous oil to use on your skin or add a few drops to a hot bath

This charming brew is thought to be originated by the ‘Ladies at Court’. During the era of Middle Ages, this alluring alchemy was popular for its seductive and erotic effects. Being a natural fast acting aphrodisiac, Lady Sclareol gives a calm, soothing and balancing feel and is ideal for both men and women. Lady Slareol is a proven blend to enhance romance as well as help resolve emotional issues linked with infertility, frigidity, or low libido.

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Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a soft, sweet, and flowery fragrance that has been a romantic favorite for ages. It is a perfect remedy to enhance relationships by elevating sexual energy. Its fragrance is so charming that it helps you to set the tone for a perfect romantic evening.

Ylang Ylang will regulate your sex drive by around a feeling of eroticism when breathed in. Aside from its erotic essence, this oil is also beneficial for soothing your body and mind. Its use during meditation and other spiritual activities ensures tranquility and peace of mind, as it promotes positive energies to bloom.

The fragrance of Ylang Ylang oil is so pleasant that you can use it as a regular perfume. You can apply a few drops at the wrist, or neck and rub it gently for complete absorption. Blending Ylang Ylang with other essential oils is great for giving massages. Inhaling this oil is also safe, and you must try it when going on a date with your loved one.

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These are 5 great examples of essential oils for attracting love.  With each of them having their own unique qualities, it should be pretty easy to start using some of these and see some success.  These oils can do a great deal in helping you attract love.  But, it is important to remember, that you must put this in your mind for it to be really effective.  Anything you want to see happen in your life always must start in the mind first.

So if you want to attract love to your life, put this in your mind as something that WILL happen.  Smelling these wonderful fragrances on a regular basis will help you re-affirm this desire to attract love, by reminding you every time you take a breathe, that this is want you want from your life