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10 Things a Woman Can Do To Spice Up The Bedroom

There are tons of great ways to improve your sex life.  Spicing things up in the bedroom can give you the most amazing sexual experiences that you could have ever imagined.  Better sex has countless benefits for you, your partner and the relationship overall.  Here are some tips to make him obsessed with you in the bedroom. 

People think that sex is effortless, and that may be the case for some but is not the case for everyone.  If things do fade after a while, you will need to put some effort into bringing the sexy back.  It is normal for things to stale over time, so don’t beat yourself up if you want better sex.  If you feel the fire has dwindled or the honeymoon phase is over, there is plenty that you can do to get that burning desire back.  No matter how good the sex is, it can always get better.

Have Lots Of Sex!

Make sure that you are having sex frequently.  How often you indulge your man’s sexual desires plays a huge role in his overall satisfaction.  Whether it is once a week, once a day or once a month, there are plenty of ways to have more sex.  Make it a priority to make time for your sex life.

Tell Him What You Like and Find Out What He Likes

You should tell each other exactly what you want and need from one other in the bedroom.  You should discuss sex in a nice, open and gentle manner.  Talk to your partner about what kind of fun things you can do to shake things up in the bedroom.  To have amazing sex you must be willing to share your deepest thoughts and desires

Men love to please women so you should be open and tell him what you like and what you want. Knowing how he can please you is key to incredible sex.  Asking for what you want is a massive turn on for men. You should aim to become an expert at what he wants in the bedroom.  Once you talk with your partner, you will be amazed at how it can take your sex life to the next level.

Work Out Regularly

Exercise is a great way to improve your sex life. It stimulates the body and the brain and gets the blood flowing to all the right places for fantastic sex.  Workouts also get you in the mood by reducing stress and strengthening your pelvic muscles, which makes for amazing orgasms. Ultimately it is important to be in good physical condition to have longer lasting sexual experiences.

Change It Up

Embrace variety in the bedroom.  At the beginning of your relationship the sex might have been great.  But when things are done the same way over and over again, some of the magic can get lost.  If you are not mixing it up, then it may become boring for both of you.  Make it a point to switch it up and add in some variety.  This can be as simple as switching positions.  If you are typically on the bottom then switch to the top.  If you are always doing missionary, you can try doggie style or froggy style. 

Explore different ways to have sex, like soft and sensual, or rough and rigorous.  It can also help to change up your routine a bit, like when and where you have sex.  A woman that knows how to engage in creativity is sure to win in the bedroom.  Constantly including variety into your love life means better sex for both of you.  Being sexually submissive is a huge turn on for men. 

Openness and allowing your man to do whatever he wants to you will not only be intense, but fulfilling to him as well.  You can completely lose yourself in the moment by submitting to the moment and submitting to him.  You are showing him exactly how much of a stallion he is by letting go of your inhibitions.  When you let yourself go vocally in the bedroom he will love it!  

Say things like, “your dick feels so good babe” or “fuck me harder!”  When you are completely enraptured by him is when the best sexual experiences happen.  And it will keep him begging for more.

Become Sexually Dominant and Orgasm

A woman that knows how to handle the penis in creative ways is a master in the bedroom.  There are so many amazing ways to bring pleasure to the penis.  Give him a hand job that is hard, fast or slow to get things going.  Then you can use the same process for grinding on top.  Try it hard, fast, slow, deep and even shallow to explore what feels good. 

Take control and initiate sex.  Men are accustomed to initiating things in the bedroom so when you take control, it will show him how much you want him.  This will also show him how much he turns you on, which is a huge turn on for him as well!  When you let your self go to the point that your body explodes for him, it can be the best feeling for him.

Bring His Fantasies To Life

He may not admit it, but every man has sexual fantasies.  You should definitely try to get him to tell you his desires.  With this information, you can give him exactly what he wants.  Being open to exploring his fantasies, will give the two of you an entirely new experience to share. 

This will also keep him from looking elsewhere for this type of satisfaction. 

You should share your fantasies as well.  Exchanging your sexual bucket list is the perfect way to spice it up.  You and your man can make lists of things that you want to try and actually try them.  This might include things like sex on the beach, taking nude photos or shooting a personal porno.  Making your fantasies come to life will absolutely take things to another level.

Letting your man know what you want in the bedroom is very attractive and also encourages openness.  Put some effort into the romance and set the mood for that special sexy time.  A few candles, romantic music and massage oils are the perfect way to set the mood.  Lights and mirrors can also bring a great ambiance for sex.  Seeing yourself during the act of sex is visually stimulating and mirrors are perfect for this.  

When he can watch himself bringing you pleasure it will turn him on even more.  Lingerie and dress up can also add some fantasy to your sex life.  Beautiful lingerie is a sexy surprise that will always turn him on, because it shows that you are thinking about him. I like Wicked Temptations for Sexy Lingerie. They have a great selection at fair prices and dress up is their specialty.  Couples that play together stay together!  So have fun with as many sexual activities as you can.

Show Your Man That You Enjoy Sex

Your pleasure will turn him on, while making him feel accomplished and proud.  He will love being able to take all the credit for your incredible state of bliss.  Make it known that you are enjoying the sex by expressing it during the act.  You can respond by moaning, grabbing the headboard or caressing your body with sensation. 

When you experience something that feels good, you should acknowledge it by letting him know that you like what he is doing.  When you are vocal it shows how much he is pleasuring you and that you like it.  Him making you feel pleasure is an achievement and you should make him feel proud of it.  Your man will love experiencing you enjoying lovemaking.  You should feel good in expressing yourself during sex because it will drive intensity.

Tell Him How Much You Want Him

Admire your partner so that he is more sexually confident.  Let him know how sensual and sexy he is as much as you can.  Tell him that you love his dick, and that you love having sex with him!   If his penis is really powerful, then share that with him.  

This will show him how secure you feel with him.  You should also engage in flirtatious behavior as much as possible.  Flirting is an invitation to your sexual life.  It is typically reciprocal so if you give that energy, you will probably get it back.  You can flirt by giving compliments, telling jokes or sensual stares.

Tease Him

Tease him by engaging in foreplay.  You can get your man hot and bothered before you even really get things going.  Learn about his hotspots and what turns him on.  You should try new things on him to see what he likes best.  Foreplay is also a great way to intensify orgasms.  Also, don’t be afraid to just ask him what he likes.  This goes back to a couple o the previous points here, but anything extra you can do to get him going, will be worth it.

Touch Him More

Physical touch is one of the most important parts of any relationship.  There are a lot of ways that you can touch a man that will have him all over you in the bedroom.  You should take advantage of every opportunity to touch or squeeze him in a sexual way.  

Rub his shoulders after a hard day at work.  Start rubbing his inner thigh, and lightly graze his balls while you are on the couch watching tv.  Kiss his neck.  Just start rubbing his dick!  Human touch is very powerful  so you want to make sure that you are being as physically affectionate as possible.  Touching is also a great way to continually keep the intimacy alive.

What It All Boils Down To

There are plenty of other ways a woman can spice up the bedroom.   These are just a few ideas to get you started.  I would love to hear from all of you ladies out there, some things you have done or tried that keep things hot in the bedroom.  Please tell us in the comments below!  Nothing is more exciting that hearing what is working for others out there.

Always remember that, keeping your sex life fresh and exciting will totally rock his world while keeping you feeling amazing about sex.  You have the power to be the type of woman that every man wants to sleep with.  The sooner that you prioritize your sex life, the better the sex will be.