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How To Have The Best First Time – Losing Virginity Tips

Losing your virginity may be a sensitive topic for some, but embracing your sexy side should be fun and exhilarating. We tend to heavily contemplate doing anything for the first time and sex is no different. When you are deciding to lose your virginity it is important to remember that you and only you are in control. The beginning of your sex life should be a very exciting time. And losing your virginity should be completely and entirely your decision.

Are you Ready?

You can do this whenever you feel ready, comfortable and happy about it. This is not a decision that should be made because of pressure or because you are being convinced. Sex is a natural part of life so there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. If you are ready and want to have sex, then go ahead and do it!

Having sex for the first time can raise a lot of questions. Am I ready? Will it hurt? Should I wait? Losing your virginity is a personal decision. This is totally new to you so it is okay to contemplate about how you might like things to go.

You may wonder about your first time far before there is ever physical sex. Allow your mind to explore the fantasy sexcapades. You should feel comfortable thinking and fantasizing about losing your virginity. Embracing your sexual thoughts will only make you more comfortable when you begin physically having sex.


Delve into your body and have sex with yourself first. Masturbation and self pleasure is perfect for curious virgins who are considering intercourse for the first time. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable with someone else exploring your body if you have already done so yourself. This is also a great way to begin to figure out what you like and don’t like.

Protection / Plan B

Once you feel that you are ready and comfortable enough to lose your virginity, you should make sure that your experience is safe. Take the proper measures to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy, STDs and STIs by using birth control and other forms of contraception. There is no need to risk an unplanned pregnancy or disease. 

Make sure to use a condom no matter what!  Here is a solid list of recommendations for Condoms for beginners. You can talk to your doctor about what other methods of contraception would work best for you, but a condoms should be used anyhow just to be on the safe side. 

If you do happen to accidentally have sex without the proper protection, Plan B is available without a prescription. This emergency contraceptive pill helps prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. There are risks involved with Plan B so it should only be used in emergency situations.

Know The Law

Make sure that you and all people involved are above the legal age of consent. The legal age of consent is the age at which a person is legally considered to have the autonomy to consent to sex(18 in the United States). Consent around the world ranges from the ages of 12-21 in most countries. Make sure that everything that you are planning on doing sexually is completely legal. Do research on your specific location to make sure that you are engaging in sexually activities legally. The last thing that you want to do is lose your v card and end up in trouble with the law.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Lube

This is your first time so you may be a bit tense and nervous and this is totally normal. Lubrication will make things a lot more smooth and also reduce any tightness. Rub a generous amount of lube on your private parts before sex for the first time. You and your partner can even do this for each other as a form of foreplay before sex.

Do It With Someone You Care About

Loose your virginity to someone who you are comfortable with and trust. Things can be as rough or as gentle as you’d like but this all depends on establishing your comfort level with your partner. If it takes two years or two days for you to feel comfortable, then by all means, take the time that you need. A good partner will make sure that you are feeling the ultimate pleasure. You and your partner should have an open dialogue about your concerns and desires so that you’re both safe, physically and emotionally.

Your First Doesn’t Need To Be Your Last

Despite what you may have been told the person that you choose to have sex with for the first time does not have to be your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. In addition, you do not need to tell your partner that you are a virgin.

Whether you feel more comfortable lying or telling the truth, the decision is totally up to you. As long as the person you are interested in being intimate with gives a clear and concise yes and vice versa, you can seal the deal.

Masturbate Together

If you are feeling especially nervous, you can always test the waters with your fingers. You and your partner can masturbate together which can be very pleasing and relaxing. This will have you feeling great and wanting more. Feel free to help your partner out if they are being too rough or not rough enough.  You can guide their body and control the motions as you want them to. It is very easy to get carried away when things are hot and heavy.

Take Your Time

Your first time is the best time to start figuring out what you like and don’t like so take as much time as you need to get comfortable. You may experience some pain or discomfort the first time but if you take things slowly, it will turn into pleasure before you know it.

Loosing virginity is going to be different for everyone so it is important to keep and open mind. Don’t feel pressure to make your first sexual experience the best one because, you are just getting started. And, it may take you a while for you to enjoy sex and get direct pleasure from it. Losing your virginity will hopefully be the start of an amazing sex life for you. The great thing about sex is that it typically gets better with time so, let the journey begin. Whether you decide to have sex or not have sex, it should be a decision that you are happy with.

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