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Best Time to Have Sex? Read My Experience

The other morning I was laying in bed with my wife next to me.  Just like any other morning, I open my eyes and see that she is half asleep.  Of course, I woke up with morning wood as I usually do.  Now, the question at stake is this:  When is the best time to have sex?  According to Maxim magazine, its 7:45 a.m.  But F* that!  I am still sleeping at this time.

So what do I mean by “when is the best time to have sex?  Even though we are both laying there naked and I could easily just roll over and start foreplay and we can start going at it, is this the right thing to do?  And I am not talking about if its morally right to have sex with my own wife!  I am talking about, is this the best TIME to have sex with her.

You see, if I were to roll over and initiate sex, there is a high probability it would happen. We would both get off and say good morning 🙂  But, depending on how long you have been with your partner and how well you are able to FEEL the sexual tension between the two of you, there might be a better time, later in the day to have sex.

The reason I am talking about this is because, a few days prior to this one.  We had amazing sex!  It was the kind of sex you just don’t want to ever end, but it can be argued that the ending might be the best part 🙂  And then, the next day we had sex first thing in the morning, and while it was good  (like it usually is) it was not amazing like the day before. 

Build Sexual Tension

I think the reason it was not amazing is because there was no sexual tension built up, leading to that amazing sex.  Now you don’t have to be fighting with each other for there to be sexual tension, thats a myth.  All you really need is a strong desire and anticipation on both sides to have the best sex possible. 

This really makes a difference!  I know sometimes it’s easy to just go for the quick wham, bam thank you ma’m.  But if you build up anticipation for the sex, it can really change your pleasure level.  Even if you do nothing else different during sex.  The anticipation and desire on both ends can really create some fireworks for you.  The goal here, is to figure out when is the best time to have sex for you and your partner.  Its probably different for everyone, but once you are with your partner for a while, you can start recognizing these signs and it will lead to the best sex you can have! Also, make sure you know how to give her an orgasm. I feel like this can go without being said, but just in case, make sure you know how to do it!

So go ahead and give this a try.  I am curious to know what your experience was like building up anticipation for sex, and not always just going for the low hanging fruit. Was it better or worse, the same??  Comment below!