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Best Condoms With Spermicide

If you are reading this article, chances are you are not new to using condoms.  However, you might want to have an extra layer of protection, and that’s what landed you here!  In case you are short on time, here is a quick list the best condoms with spermicide.  For a full review and common questions, keep reading.

Should I Use a Condom with Spermicide?

This might be a surprise to you and might not be what you were expecting, but research has shown that spermicidal condoms are actually no more effective at preventing pregnancy than traditional condoms. 

They might give you some extra peace of mind knowing that in the event there were to be a tear or small leak somehow in the condom during sex, that most of your little swimmers will be killed off by the spermicide in the condom.  But there is more to it than that.  In fact, condoms with spermicide can actually do more harm than good.  Let’s take a deeper look.

What are The Risks to Using Spermicide Condoms?

Condoms with spermicide have a chemical in them called Nonoxynol-9.  The chemical is known to cause “micro tears” in the vagina, which can actually lead to a higher risk of and STD or STI. 

The chemical can be quite harmful to your partner and is recommended by physicians NOT to use most of the time.  (I am not a doctor and this should not be considered medical advice). Given all this negative info on spermicide, it seems reasonable to just use a regular condom.

Spermicide Condoms Side Effects

Some of the most commonly reported side effects associated with using a spermicidal condom are:

  • Sore Genitals
  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Damage to Vaginal Tissue
  • Increased Risk of Bladder Infection (Female)
  • Can Cause Burning or Rash

Why Is it Best To Use Condoms Without Spermicide?

Condoms with spermicide are also more expensive than regular condoms!  So why would anyone want to use one?  Really, it seems that the only valid reason to want condoms with spermicide is because they are the only available option at the moment.

Meaning, its 3 A.M. and the only place open is the mobile gas station down the street, and they only have spermicidal condoms and you need one now!  It is wise to use condoms for birth control and protection against disease, and if a condom with spermicide is your only option, it is still better than no condom at all. And, using a condom can even help you last longer in bed, if you are having some trouble in that department.

My suggestion would be to stick with regular condoms.  Not only are they just as effective and cheaper, they also do not carry with them any of the harmful side effects listed above.  The most important thing is to be protected and be ready for sex.

Advantages of Spermicide Condoms

Honestly, it is tough to come up with some good reasons to use a condom with spermicide, so I won’t name any. I just want to stress once again, if that is the only condom available to you, then by all means use it. But it is probably best not to make it a habit to use it, unless it is the only available option.

Here are Some Great Non Spermicidal Condoms

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